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     My book "Competition BBQ Secrets" is all about slow smoked BBQ. But just about everybody has one of these Weber kettle BBQ grills in their back yard. They are great for grilling directly over high heat. In my opinion, it's the only way to cook a steak! But what if you want to slow smoke some ribs? Can you set this BBQ grill up for slow smoking? The answer is YES!

The secret is to set your BBQ grill up for indirect heat like this...


Weber also has their Ranch Kettle and Smokey Mountain smoker models available too. The Ranch is just a bigger version of their standard kettle BBQ grill and the Smokey Mountain is a traditional vertical style smoker. For more information on Weber grills, visit .....
weber ranch bbq grill
weber smokey mountain bbq grill








Indirect slow smoking on your Weber kettle BBQ grill is fairly easy once you've done it a couple of times. Good barbecuing is all about times and temperatures. To learn how we do it on the competition BBQ circuit, get our book "Competition BBQ Secrets" today! We give you all the secrets that the other teams would like to keep secret. You can use these secrets in your own back yard on your old trusty BBQ grill. Just click the banner ad below for complete details on this fantastic book...

competition bbq secrets


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